Situated in an area that embraces the provinces of Florence and Siena, the Chianti region is as varied in its countryside and views as it is in its wines. Numerous itineraries cross its undulating hills covered in lines and lines of vines, cypress and olive trees that seem to stretch to the horizon, picturesque villages, woods, characteristic stone churches and houses. The Chianti countryside is so beautiful and particular that it is often photographed and reproduced in postcards and calendars that are distributed all over the world.

GREVE IN CHIANTI ( 35 km far from Borgo Filicardo)
The little town of Greve is to be found on the provincial road SR222, commonly known as the Chiantigiana, at about 30 km south of Florence and 40 north of Siena. The history of Greve is closely linked with the beautiful castle of Montefioralle, located above the town: in the XIII° centuryit served as a central square for the castle. The strategic position, at the crossroads of three important roads used by pilgrims, the Chiantigiana, the road to Valdarno and the road to Val di Pesa, was a great aid to its economic development. At the beginning of the 16th century, the square with its curious shape had already been built: it was later defined by the Gran DucaLeopoldo as “a beautiful square , where every Saturday a big market of livestock and foodstuff is held”. Today that market is still held every Saturday- with the exception of the livestock. There are still lots of stalls where you can find fresh fruit and vegetables, cheese, olives, household goods, flowers and clothing. Piazza Matteotti is themain meeting point of Greve, and although it is not a true “square”, it forms the real heart of the town.

What makes this place particular, apart from its strange shape, is the portico that delineates three sides of the square, serving as a “ frame” for the shops, the craft shops and the restaurants that are situated under the arches. Some of these shops are particularly famous: they attract the attention of tourists and locals alike for the quality and diversity of their wares: the AnticaMacelleriaFalorni, a typical Tuscan butcher’s which has been present since 1729 and the Bottegadell’Artigianato, a shop that specializes in hand-woven baskets and objects made from olive wood.

CASTELLINA IN CHIANTI( 40 km far from Borgo Filicardo)
The origins of this town date back to Etruscan times, of which there are many remains visible for you to visit both at the archeological digs, which are well signposted, and at the MuseoArcheologico in the town centre. The picturesque town still maintains the quadrilateral form typical of the old medieval fortresses and the remains of the towers, that once protected the town from invasion during the period of conflict between Florence and Siena, have been incorporatedinto the modern architectural structure. The main fortress, the Rocca with its imposing XIV° century tower, offers a spectacular view of the town and the surrounding countryside.

Under the old walls runs an impressive underground tunnel, known today as the Via delle Volte, that hosts shops, craft shops and restaurants; the tunnel runs around the town, encircling the old town from below, and is the perfect place to find relief during the summer heat. Once it was an open road, but when it was necessary to expand the town, they decided to build above this road, transforming it into a tunnel with a particular structure. The main street of Castellina is Via Ferruccio, where you will find moreshops , craft shops and art laboratories, coffee shops and important buildings like the Palazzi Banciardi and Squarcialupi.

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